My Easter Wishlist ... This Year Versus Last Year

This is such an in-between year for Easter for me. Last year it was "bring on the mimosas!" and next year will be "honey can you warm that milk up for us?" ... and this year I'm just in limbo. No baby yet, no adorable Easter basket to put together, and (the saddest part) no champagne in my OJ.

A travesty!

So in a little different style, here is my 2014 Easter Basket Wishlist.

Easter Basket Wishlist 2014

Candy cravings these days ... citrus-based, go figure. Peachy o-rings and Starburts, yum!

I think Baby needs this Aden + Anais hooded towel and washcloth set, so very sweet.

A Lilly Pulitzer Murfee scarf like this floral one is pretty, colorful, and would also be an easy and stylish nursing coverup. Yes, please!

My oh my, how did that gorgeous sapphire and diamond ring get in the set?

Who ever thought I'd get so excited over something like this, but this Beaba baby food maker would be so very, very awesome. It steams, blends, purees, warms, defrosts ... all in one BPA-free bowl for easy clean-up. A powerhouse, if you ask me.

And just for fun, here's last year's wishlist. My sister ended up buying the Wasabi Pear Nest candle for me and it smelled delicious! Good gracious, Nest makes an amazingly wonderful candle.
Easter Basket Wishlist

What's on your wishlist this year?
Enjoy a nice mimosa for me.
Heavy on the champers, just a splash of OJ. ;)


Week 37 Pregnancy Journal

How Far Along? 37 weeks (fun fact: full term!)

Size of Baby: Swiss chard (19.25 inches). Our baby weighs approximately 6.3 lbs now.

Gender: Our sweet little girl.

Weight Gain: Down a pound this week, so up a total of 16 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight -- since I lost three pounds in the first trimester, up 19 pounds total from my lowest pregnancy weight. With the way I've been eating, I am not really sure why I'm down a pound, but I plan to discuss that with my doctor this afternoon. Baby Girl must be one hungry little sweet pea!

Maternity Clothes: Oh yes. And missing my regular clothes. Wearing my Fly Belly tuxedo shirt in this week's photo which I love. Don't forget to enter the $25 credit giveaway which ends this week!

Nursery: Just have to put a few more things on the walls and set up the monitor (which we haven't yet purchased).

Movement: Absolutely, positively. Plus she gets hiccups about once daily now! It is so stinking cute. She also loves to stick her little heel out on my right side, creating a pretty funny little protrusion.

Symptoms: Just feeling like I have a really large belly! Occasional lower back pain if I overdo it.

Sleep: Sleeping pretty darn well, considering.

Cravings: Sweet tea. Grapefruit. Not really craving chocolate or peanut butter as I once was. Don't get me wrong, I'll eat it and love it, just not consuming it in the mass quantities like before.

What I Miss: Nothing major, although a weekend mimosa or a date nite glass of sauvignon blanc sounds awesome.

Best Moment This Week: This weekend I had a fabulous 75 minute prenatal massage at Edamame ... absolute bliss. Cassie there is the BEST. I also had a really great meeting with our doula. We discussed labor signs and lots more "last minute" details. I never get tired of talking about pregnancy, labor and birth with people who can stand it. :)

Looking Forward To: Our next doctor appointment this afternoon, and an upcoming visit from my parents this weekend for Easter!


Our Green Jacket Cookout

Saturday was just beautiful, and Ian and I decided to have a little group of friends over for a casual cookout. Thank goodness for the ease of a quickly texted invitation from Red Stamp. This is one of my favorite apps on my iPhone. With just a few quick customizations, you can easily create pretty invitations or cards and then text them, email them, upload them to social media sites, or even have them printed as postcards.

We kept the food really low-key with little pimiento cheese finger sandwiches (I snagged the quick photo before the last of them disappeared), hot dogs on the grill, watergate salad, a bean salad, pasta salad, and a charcuterie plate.

Before throwing the hot dogs on the grill, we spent a great amount of time outdoors while the guys watched the Masters tournament on the screened porch.

So although I didn't watch a bit of the Masters on Saturday, I did have a magnificent time with the friends :) Hope your weekend was pretty spectacular as well!


Five On Friday (Carseats, Thank You Notes, and Milkshakes, Oh My!)

Party people ... it's Friday, and you know what that means -- Five On Friday with my lovely cohostesses Christina, Darci, and Natasha!

Quick! Open up a new tab on your web browser and get ready to shop Rue La La today at 3pm, when Lilly Pulitzer gifts go on sale today! Need an invitation to join this free sale site? Click here. You can bet your britches I'm going to be checking out what hits their site today!

Lilly Pulitzer Gifts - 3PM ET

Rue La La

Thanks to the heads up by Samma, I ordered my Carseat Canopy using a promotional code and got it free (just paid shipping). Now, full disclosure, I personally think they run these promotions all of the time and then just charge a sizable amount for shipping -- mine was nearly $13 for a padded envelope -- BUT, still a great deal for $13! I went with a gender-neutral pattern. The underside is gray minky fabric, that soft soft soft fabric with the raised dots on it. I love it and love that it will shield our babe from light, from the sun, from the cold, from germy strangers!

(FYI: Using my beloved sale scouring site Retail Me Not, looks like you can currently use code PJBABY to get your canopy for free and just pay shipping! Even if you don't have a kiddo, this would be an awesome baby shower gift for a friend or coworker. Please let me know if this code works for you!)

Know what I love? That I wish I'd never tried? The banana pudding milkshake from Cook Out.

And know what makes the perfect milkshake tray?

This ginormous belly.

Do. Not. Even. Get. Me. Started .... on how amazing Chrisley Knows Best is. Are you watching this show yet?!

It comes on USA but I watch it on my Entertainment On Demand channel. I've watched five episodes so far and I'm just crazy in love with this hilarious, interesting, slightly effeminate Southern dad and his family.

I have decided that the best place to compose umpteen dozen thank you notes is in the rocking chair in the nursery. Glass of water by my side and surrounded by my child's beautiful things. Notice how I keep sharing little tidbits of her room. Almost finished and then I can't wait to share the whole thing!

(PS, if you squint really hard, you can see the "Notes" pad on the right has a list titled Last Minute Grabs. Yes, people, that's getting us ready for our trip to the hospital. Crazy to think that it is even time to make that list!)

Now, your turn to link up. I'd love to read your five! Any five things on your mind will do. Just link to one or all of the hostess sites and insert the logo below. Then link-up with us and you are set!


Fly Belly Maternity ::: Review and Giveaway

I'm nine months pregnant now (!!!) and I've been wearing maternity clothes regularly for about the past five or six months. And guess what I miss -- my "normal" clothes. Big time. 

The thought of my favorite pairs of white jeans - and yes, I own three pair - gets me SO excited and is going to be really good motivation to lose the baby weight this spring and summer.

But I do have to say that when I was contacted recently by sweet Liz from Fly Belly Maternity, I felt a major ping of excitement about maternity clothes all over again when I saw her cute selection!

This Tuxedo Top in slate was my choice and I just love everything about it. The collar, the ruffled front, the slight puff to the sleeves, the tie back, and the gathers at the front. It has such a feminine look. I ordered a size small and it was the perfect fit (I'm typically an XS or S). 

I did notice that the washing instructions are to hand wash and line dry, but I washed it regularly and dried on low heat, and it washes beautifully.

Other favorites of mine from Fly Belly Maternity are:

Fly Belly Maternity has very reasonable prices, and now you have an opportunity to win a $25 credit to this online store!

This giveaway will run through next Wednesday (April 16th) at midnight and I'll announce the winner on Thursday. 

Please visit the Fly Belly Maternity site and tell me what you'd spend your credit on! One entry per person, please. Also, if you are not currently expecting, please feel free to get a gift for a friend, just tell me what you'd pick out for your friend!

Good luck to all!


Caramel Apple Crisp Recipe

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Saturday night, Ian and I enjoyed burgers on the grill, and I decided to appease our sweet tooth with a really tasty and simple dessert.

This was one of those recipes where I already had all ingredients on hand. Aren't those the best?!

And the icing on the cake was that the recipe just makes two servings, so it was the perfect amount for us.

Caramel Apple Crisp
serves two
adapted from Hil's Blog

 1 medium apple, cored and diced
2 tablespoon all-purpose flour 
4 tablespoons brown sugar 
2 tablespoon butter 
4 tablespoons oats 
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon 
2 heaping tablespoons caramel ice cream topping 

Spray ramekins with non-stick cooking spray. 
Place diced apple in two small ramekins. 
 Spoon caramel topping over the apples. 
 In a bowl, combine flour and brown sugar; cut in butter until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. 
Add oats and cinnamon. Sprinkle over apple and caramel. 
 Bake, uncovered, at 350° for 35-40 minutes or until bubbly. 


It is almost dangerous how simple this is. Very few ingredients, very simple ingredients, and delicious as all get-out. Enjoy!

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Week 36 Pregnancy Journal

How Far Along? 36 weeks

Size of Baby: A crenshaw melon (18.75 inches). Our baby weighs 5.75 lbs now (up a half pound from last week).

Oh, and what is a crenshaw melon? Well, it took a bit of research on my part too. Size-wise, it falls between a honeydew melon (last week) and swiss chard (next week). So -- are you still as confused as I am?

Gender: Our sweet little girl.

Weight Gain: No gain or loss this week, but still up a total of 17 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight -- since I lost three pounds in the first trimester, up 20 pounds total from my lowest pregnancy weight. Doctor said at today's appointment that my weight was still good and it's common to slow down at this point.

Maternity Clothes: Fo' sho'.

Nursery: Well, I spend way too much time there, I'll tell you that. I just love taking it all in, and I also love elevating my feet while sitting in the rocking chair!

Movement: She's a total wiggle worm! And I love it. I know at some point soon, the movement should slow down due to her growth, but I really love it now. And we had another confirmation at our doc appointment Monday that she remains head-down.

Symptoms: I have a very faint linea negra starting to appear above and below my belly button, and the belly button itself has somewhat gone from flat to protruding. So ... what I'm saying is that I have a very sexy tummy right now, HA! ;) No swelling, still wearing my rings thank goodness! Occasional heartburn that wakes me up. Some coworkers say that it looks as if my belly is dropping a bit. Monday's doc appointment confirmed that I'm making a little bit of progress (50% effaced).

Sleep: Sleeping great. Enjoying that while I still can.

Cravings: Sweet tea. Grapefruit. Well, all fruit!

What I Miss: Latisse. 

Best Moment This Week: The baby shower this past Thursday evening was pretty wonderful, and I also shopped our registry on Saturday evening and picked up some more fun essentials for the babe. I never mind spending money on her. Also, I had a wonderful walk on Sunday afternoon with Kristen and her adorable baby Freddy. He is my new crush and she is just as wonderfully sweet as I knew she'd be!

Looking Forward To: Another great meeting with our doula this Sunday. :)

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